All the projects conducted by us are thoroughly researched by our team. Each of the steps involved are carefully designed to maximize efficiency and reliability, while minimizing risks of any faults. After initial approval, small pilot projects may be conducted if required thus maximizing the effect of the project. We assist in identifying the technologies and ensure that the best prices are obtained for the same.

After implementation of the project, we document and train the support staff/users to ensure that total independence is achieved by the client in technology hence ensuring the need for a minimal after sales support.
Project Specification

We help translate client business objectives into project specifications so that optimal technologies are utilized with optimum focus on scalability, security and reliability.

Site Survey

We conduct exhaustive site surveys to identify parameters unique to the location and local bodies that can affect the existing or upcoming setup.

Actual implementation and testing

We undertake turnkey end-to-end implementation projects.

Creation of Contracts, Statements of work and Service Level Agreements (SLA)

We help build and freeze contracts between client organizations and third party IT service providers to best protect the interests of the client organizations.

Setup audit and documentation

We assess existing setups and prepare exhaustive documentation of the setup with proper focus on the Hardware/Software and the unique parameters in use. This can then be used to identify gaps in the business objectives and the setup in existence as also to identify potential bottlenecks and failure points. This documentation can also be utilized for performance benchmarking and performance tuning.

Corporate Training

We conduct corporate trainings of users on the existing setup as well as a host of new and upcoming technologies.

Proactive and reactive problem diagnosis / troubleshooting

assist organizations in identifying potential bottlenecks and failure points. We also assist organizations in the elimination of these critical issues.

Setup maintenance

We undertake maintenance of pre-existing setups with full emphasis on ensuring over and above existing Quality of Service.